You've tried it all: shoving things into the closet, 
  piling everything in the corner, "systems" that
  never work and straight up denial. You are too 
  busy to even think about how to tackle the best of 
  the worst, let alone try to figure out why your 
  efforts never work. You're thinking it's about time 
  to get this all under control so you can actually 
  enjoy your home. You're craving beauty and 

There is no need to endure the revolving cycle of  disorder. You CAN have the perfect space for you!

I'm Michelle Powell, Professional Organizer, Feng Shui Consultant and Lifestyle Coach. That makes me a Magical Maven for your head, heart & home.

I help optimistic + ambitious people who are fed up with the chaos, conquer clutter so they can enjoy their home, be more fulfilled and experience lasting productivity.

Ease, energy and efficiency is my motto. I am passionate about create comfortable spaces so it reflects the beauty that's already inside us. 

I stand for serenity instead of anxiety. Balance instead of overwhelm. Clarity instead of confusion.

Through virtual and in-person sessions, I facilitate lasting results with simple systems that are tailored specifically to the different learning styles + personalities of my clients. That means I can ALWAYS make it work for YOU, if you are also willing to commit. 

My speciality is supporting you in organizing your home, clearing the clutter physically, emotionally & energetically and putting your personal sparkle back in your space.

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Inspiring Testimonials

"Michelle is amazing!  Michelle transcends organizing and goes into deeper realms...she has a great understanding of what needs to be done to stay organized.  I would highly recommend working with her...she is a dream!" 

"She is a natural…respectful, non judgmental, a pleasure to be around and extremely talented..."
"With Michelle’s expertise and guidance, she made my home organization work almost effortless…
even fun. Michelle gently supported me in letting go of items from the past that I once thought I couldn’t live without."
"Beyond her impeccable talent and skills, she's also very sweet, supportive and positive. I respect her opinion
and love her energy. She's super creative, compassionate, and an excellent listener- she's the whole package."

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