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At Some Like It Organized, We specialize in transitions of all kinds: relocation, a major life shift or simply eliminating things that no longer serve you. Our goal is to empower you and teach you skills to honor your life through your space. You will discover peace, freedom and harmony while overcoming the blocks that are keeping you from your ideal life. Professional Organizer & Lifestyle Coach Michelle Powell along with her SLIO team deliver a dose of fun, positive energy to motivate and support you throughout your process. We work with a holistic approach to every unique project, which means we encompass all aspects about your self and space to get to the root of the clutter.

Michelle Powell and her team guide you through planning, preparing and implementing organizing solutions for your life and space. Michelle is also certified in Feng Shui, has an eye for design and a passion for coaching people through their challenges.


 â€¨How To Tell If You're A Good Fit For Some Like It Organized

  • You're overwhelmed with your space and need fresh, professional guidance to eliminate the clutter and clear your mind.
  • As a successful person with a busy schedule, you are consistently putting off important tasks and not accomplishing what you need to do.
  • Your big thinking combined with your personal or professional advancements have kept you from handling and paying attention to the details needed for a happy life.
  • You are going through a major life shift and need support, organization and coaching through this transition.
  • You want a better energy in your space so you can feel fantastic and motivated every day.
  • You are about to relocate or have moved already and need full service support during the process.
  • Most importantly, you are receptive to change and ready to invest in yourself!

It all starts with your decision to make some magic happen. Let Michelle and the SLIO team help you transform your space and life into what it's truly meant to be!

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Inspiring Testimonials

"Michelle is amazing!  Michelle transcends organizing and goes into deeper realms...she has a great understanding of what needs to be done to stay organized.  I would highly recommend working with her...she is a dream!" 

"She is a natural…respectful, non judgmental, a pleasure to be around and extremely talented..."
"With Michelle’s expertise and guidance, she made my home organization work almost effortless…
even fun. Michelle gently supported me in letting go of items from the past that I once thought I couldn’t live without."
"Beyond her impeccable talent and skills, she's also very sweet, supportive and positive. I respect her opinion
and love her energy. She's super creative, compassionate, and an excellent listener- she's the whole package."