• De-cluttering Your Home for a More Successful Sale and Removal

    You are moving house and you are selling your estate at the same time. That is a very ambitious step, especially when you need to preserve a positive mindset and develop extraordinary organizational skills. Have you ever wondered how the professionals do it?  The secret is to start pre – packing and to keep the clutter at the minimum.

    Don’t feel anxious every time you hear the word “clutter.”Actually de –cluttering is your ally in times when you need to make your home presentable and ready for viewing. You don’t want your potential buyers to see your house at its worst. Remember, your primary purpose is to sell your estate not scare the visitors. Plus, you will be finished with half of the work by the time the house movers arrive.

    Before removing all the unnecessary items you need to decide what you will take with you and what you will leave behind. Divide your possessions in three categories: keep, throw and sell/donate.

    Open house days during the selling process will inevitably influence your family routine. That is not an excuse not to put any effort. You should make your home stand out. Focus on its advantages. In order to do so, you need to remove all the personal items like toys, photos or your children’s artwork.

    Think from the perspective of a buyer. Ask yourself what you find appealing in a place. Organized and clean home is probably ranking at one of the top positions.

    Reduce the excess of furniture and other accessories in the living areas that may distract the visitors. Make your bedroom as simple as possible. Keep only your seasonal clothes. Pack everything that is non – essential. In this way the viewers will focus on the overall atmosphere of your home, instead of the overwhelming mess.

    Right timing is the key to deal properly with the situation. Start the de – cluttering process earlier. Do it during the weekend when you have more free time. It is recommendable to spare 10 to 15 minutes every day for small organizational activities.

    When you spot an item that needs to be stored, either put a tag on it or place it immediately where it should be. Go room by room. Collect everything in removal boxes that are named and numbered. This will facilitate the unpacking process. Don’t store the boxes in the garage. The area is also included in the viewing. Some removal companies offer the option to store the excess of items.

    After finished with the de – cluttering process, don’t let your home get messy again. It’s tempting to start buying new stuff after you got rid of your old belongings. You should talk to your children and explain why they need to have their rooms tidy and put in place their toys.

    From a psychological point of view, pre – packing will give you the opportunity to get used to the idea of moving house. So don’t wait until the last moment. Get your home ready for visitors now!