• Around the Ba'Gua: 9 Week Virtual Feng Shui Group Program

    Does your life look a little dim right now? Are you looking for an energetic re-charge? Looking to make more money, get that job, have that baby or find the one? Or do you simply want to learn this ancient art to be able to serve your clients better?

    There might be something in your home that is blocking these things for you. There might be thought patterns that hold you back from receiving what you want or noticing it's mere presence in your life already. There might even be some energy within yourself or space that is just STUCK.

    What if there were simple ways you could add INSTANTmeaning and energy flow to your life? Would you want to know?

    This 9-week Virtual Group Program centered around Feng Shui called Around the Ba'Gua: 9 Weeks to Energetically Up-Level Every Area of Your Life was created for this exact reason. I have been passionately performing Feng Shui sessions for over 4 years and it's now time to bring it to the masses in a more structured, affordable and comprehensive way. If you want to learn about Feng Shui and it's time to up-level YOUR life, keep reading.

    You can schedule an Inspiration Session below to find out if this program is right for you:

     Around The Ba'Gua 9 Week Group Program

    This program is designed to teach you about the ancient art of Feng Shui, sacred space and success through the most meaningful process I know that actually works! If you are curious about Feng Shui and how to get your home, office or any space you use in tip top energetic shape, this is the perfect class for you. Get the trainingsupport and guidance you need to up-level every area of your life! Finally understand how to make your space and life work for YOU! If you're a service provider, learn how you can increase your value by offering this knowledge to your clients.

    Explore and learn Feng Shui in a playful way with structured support to keep you accountable and inspired!

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    What you will learn in this 9 Week Virtual Group Program:

    • The basics and history of Feng Shui
    • The energetic components of each of the 9 areas on the Feng Shui Ba'Gua Map: Career/Lifepath, Wisdom/Knowledge, Family/Maintenance, Prosperity/Abundance, Fame/Reputation, Love/Relationships, Health, Creativity/Inspiration and Travel/Spiritual. 
    • How to increase your manifesting ability and call in what you really want through simple & powerful techniques
    • Uncover your energetic discrepancies and implement strategic cures to achieve your desired outcome
    • How to create sacred space and actually use it
    • Organizing and design tips & tricks for your most sacred spaces, so you adore your environment at all times
    • How to do a blessing for your space

    Program Outline

    • 9 weeks representing 9 areas of life, covering all the bases to enhance your quality of life ASAP.
    • 9 group classes. We meet virtually so you can attend anywhere in the world.
    • 9 fellow participants for accountability and reflection. Groups are sometimes better than one-on-one.
    • 1 ninety-min private Energy Alignment Coaching Session with Michelle to integrate what you need most.
    • Private Facebook forum for continued support "after hours".

    2016 Class Dates:

    (Set for Saturdays, but I am open to Sundays too, if that works better for everyone)

    January 9
    January 16
    Janurary 23
    January 30
    February 6
    February 13
    February 20
    February 27
    March 5


    Investment: $397 (payment plans available)

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    My Why

    A little over 4 years ago I was stuck in the biggest rut of my life. I hated every part of it and was utterly broke and depressed. Everything seemed perfect from the outside but I was miserable inside. I was quite desperate for a change and had no clue where to start. Luckily the universe had my back and sent me something at the perfect time.

    I heard about a Feng Shui class in a random newsletter. It was interesting, intimate and so apropos since it was called "you can have it all". Since that was the opposite of my life at the time, I signed up and everything changed immediately. I realized how much meaning and joy was missing from my life and keeping me stuck. Not only did my life get better, but I found my true calling, I started making money and getting clients, my marriage took a positive 180 degree turn and my relationships transformed. I owe this transformation to Feng Shui. If it weren't for that class, I wouldn't be where I am today. That one choice to take a chance and go on a journey with strangers changed my world in a way I could never imagine. It opened up so much opportunity that I used to create a new life worth living.

    Ever since then, I have wanted to bring the same structure and incredible information to the world, myself, because I know how distressed it can feel when you are stuck and I know what's possible, what's on the other side of a chance.

    I am pleased to invite you to my 9-week virtual group program: Around the Ba'Gua: 9 Weeks To Energetically Up-Level Every Area of Your Life. We start January 9th and there are only 7 spots left.

    This class is brand new for me and inspired by my own learning and process. I can guarantee this will be the lowest investment I will ever offer for this program, since it is my first one. Take advantage of this now!

    This is the kind of class I took when I first started out learning about Feng Shui back in 2008. I got certified in Black Hat Tibetan Feng Shui after continuing with more classes for over a year. I love Feng Shui and it really does work, and FAST!

    Still not sure? Let's talk! I'm here to support your highest and best decision. If you are feeling something when you read this, I would suggest reaching out and scheduling an Inspiration Session now to explore if this class is a good fit for you.

    What is Feng Shui? 

    One thing it is not is a religion. You can believe in whatever higher power you want and still utilize in Feng Shui.

    My definition is "the cultivation of balance, harmony and flow within a space." 

    /ˈfuNG ˈSHway/


    (in Chinese thought) A system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi),...

    Tibetan Black Hat or Sect Feng Shui was practiced first over 4000 years ago by monks, and the power of this Feng Shui school is equally as great as the traditional kind. This philosophy ensures there is always a way to help your situation while only using what you have or want and never deals with absolute direction or rules. It was made popular in the west by Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun during the 70s and 80s, due to it's simplicity and accessibility to individuals. My Feng Shui teacher was trained by a student of Lin Yun. This type of Feng Shui uses the Ba'gua, or map, and places it over a blueprint of a space, with your entryway as the anchor. 

    I am SO excited to bring this class to you, as it has been my dream for over a year! I can't wait to meet the lucky people who will be journeying with me starting in January!!! There are 7 spots left!

    Lots of love,