• 5 Tips to Save Time by Working Efficiently with Technology

    Do you feel more productive with all of the technology available today or less productive?     


    (Hint: Personal productivity has actually increased 5 times since the 1970’s and continues to increase every year!)

    Do you believe it? Technology is good for productivity, but we can feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that we’re dealing with. It’s important to develop the skills to manage your digital information.

    Whatever your level of technology use is, the ideal scenario is that:

    • You’re working efficiently and productively
    • You can find any information that you need quickly
    • You’re responsive in your communication
    • You’re in touch with your friends, family, and clients or colleagues
    • You’re up to date with technology

    Here are my top tips:

    1. Manage your email Inbox.
    2. If you’re using multiple email accounts, then the best tool to manage your Inbox is an email reader such as Mac OSX Mail, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Microsoft Outlook.
    3. If you’re a Gmail user, check out Google’s mobile Inbox app.
    4. Use email folders and filters (also called “rules” or “bundles”) to organize your inbox.
    5. Use flags or stars to prioritize and sort.

    For more information on managing your email, see my blog post HERE

    1. Manage your social media.
    2. If you have a business, then separate personal and business by setting up a business Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, Instagram account and/or Pinterest board.
    3. Go to your social media settings to manage your privacy and notifications.
    4. Manage your Facebook news feed by creating friend lists so that you can follow just your favorites.

    For more information on Facebook management, read about it HERE 

    1. Manage your tasks.
    2. Use task management software for your daily to-dos such as Microsoft Office Tasks, Google Tasks, or Wunderlist.
    3. Install the mobile versions on your smartphone so that you can check off your tasks wherever you are.
    4. Learn how to turn emails into tasks for the email program that you’re using.

    For more on  task management tools, read HERE 

    1. Manage your photographs.
    2. Import your photos from your mobile devices into your computer or use a cloud service to sync.
    3. Organize your photos by year, by quarter, and then by event.
    4. Use tags or keywords so that you can find that photo when you need it.

    For more on photo management, read HERE

    1. Manage your storage space.
    2. Make sure that you’re automatically backing up your computer to an external hard drive.
    3. Your mobile devices should be automatically backing up to the cloud when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Check regularly to make sure that your backups are happening and that your cloud storage space is adequate.
    4. Ideally, you should be backing up your computer to cloud storage as well as to a local drive.
    5. Keep an eye on your computer hard drive storage space and increase it when you get 60-70% full.

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    Patricia Dwyer is a digital organizer and personal technology coach. To see more about Patricia, or to contact her for speaking or personal coaching, visit http://www.digitalchaoscontrol.com.