• Catching Your Own Clutter

    Confession: As a Professional Organizer, I can get a little unorganized sometimes. 

    Do you ever wonder what goes on behind closed cabinet doors in an Organizers home? I am on a mission to showcase how easy Organization is, and how normal all of our situations are – no matter how messy it is. Sometimes, Organizers are messy and disorganized too. What's the one differentiating factor between them and the rest of the population? We catch ourselves, know what to do and do it. 

    Back story: My husband recently moved out of his office and started working from home. His furniture is much nicer than mine, so we decided to swap them out, leaving me with furniture to sell or let go of. The majority of it went fast. One lonesome desk (that we spent hours painting, sanding and updating) still remains after over a month of no takers. It's too heavy to quickly take it out to the curb, especially with our staircase. Perhaps, I might be hoarding this little desk because I don't want it to end up in the wrong hands, but that's besides the point right now (later blog). SO, it's been out in the living room, taking up valuable space and not matching a thing (design mis-match makes me cringe).

    Today, I realized that the top of this desk hasn't been clear since we put it out here. I had accepted the invitation of a new surface to lay out bags, notebooks, packages, trash - you name it - on top of it, consistently. My subconscious probably got a little overzealous to the fact that this new surface had no purpose so I was free to do what I wanted with it. My freedom value and slight rebellious nature took advantage of this and turned the desk into a bit of an eye sore. I have been in denial and ignored the whole situation until now. I realized I had a clutter catcher! My purse is now hanging on its special hook and I have cleared the surface accordingly. I have re-committed to the process of getting the desk out and not using the surface for my convenience.

    >> Moral of the story, save yourself from your own clutter catchers! Those areas that we dump our items into or on, the "catch all" or junk drawer, the hall closet, the backpack, the car, whatever it might be- become aware of it now!

    Know that it is not serving your highest good or the efficiency of the space by ignoring it. Tame clutter catchers by either taking away the space culprit or giving it a purpose. Do you need an organizational product? Can something you already own go on top of the surface? Do you need to organize or pay attention to the contents? 

    Your space ALWAYS needs your attention, so give it some, baby! (TWEET THAT)

    Cheers to loving every inch of your home,