Relocation  •  Moving  •  Packing  •  Unpacking

Some Like It Organized makes moving a breeze, so you don’t have to worry.  We can take care of everything from beginning to end, or any part in between.


Look no further, I've got the means and manpower to help you purge, pack, coordinate and facilitate all aspects of moving while offering full service support so you can tend to your daily life.


• Do you have rooms full of stuff and don’t know where to start?

• Are you clueless about how to pack your priceless and fragile items? 

• Are you too busy to deal with the steps that are necessary to relocate? 

• Are you overwhelmed with all that needs to be done? 

When you work with us, you experience peace of mind throughout the whole process. Team members are experienced and know the steps to take in order to make your life easier. While you tend to your day to day life, we will support you in all that needs to be done in the designated time frame until moving day. You will be able to relax and rest assured you’re in good hands.

As Lead Organizer, I have personally moved quite often for 25 years and professionally for 3. I know what it takes to organize a move - whether it’s a 1 bedroom apartment or a large luxury home.

Find out what it means to actually enjoy your transition to a new space. Click the button below to schedule a free Inspiration Session or call 650-557-3011.