"I can't say enough good things about Michelle at Some Like It Organized! She has surpassed my expectations ten-fold. Her dedication, drive, communication and implementation strategies are amazing. I have worked with many other folks in the past, and Michelle is in a league of her own. Why waste your time with a non-professional who ends of taking more time and is not as effective? She is worth every single penny. Michelle has been crucial in helping me structure my life so that it fits into my business-which is a monumental task that has taken far more time for me than anticipated. What I love most about Michelle, is that she is so full of knowledge and ideas and she just, gets it done with ease, grace, thoughtfulness, and fun. She is a joy to work with and I have spent so much time with her I trust her to take care of and strategize my life whether I am with her or she is alone. She truly is a goddess send, and I am eternally grateful that I found her. If you are thinking twice whether or not you need a Michelle, don't even blink and hire her! She will end up of saving you time, money and countless hours of frustration. Thank you Michelle, for helping me see the light!"

-Rebecca, Culver City

"Everything u read about Michelle here is so true. I wish I would have called sooner but better late than never. Michelle & Star together transformed our 2 bedroom apt so fast it's unbelievable. I recommend u get 2 people to come in & organize. It's a great price & worth every penny. Also I recommend letting Michelle shop for the organizing products. She's just the best & knows what she's doing. I'm grateful to have Michelle now. I know I'll b calling next time we move again. Don't waste time & call her."

-Yvette, Downtown LA

"Michelle is very easy to work with. Everything about the interaction with her was smooth - from scheduling, to contract, to the day itself. My worries about not getting my garage in order in a day were unnecessary. We got it done and I am happy to walk into that space again. She taught me great organizing tips along the way that I can use going forward. She even checked in to see how I was doing and has offered more tips to help me keep things in order. Don't wait - call her! You will have that big "to do" item off your list!"

-Kristin, Half Moon Bay

"Michelle can organized anything.  My apt went from chaos, clutter, and gloom to a place I'm proud to call my own.  She really is as good as everyone says.  She and her team did most of the work.  I just did what she told me to do.  She can organize anything from lingerie drawers to a hoarders garage.  You've found the right organizer with Some Like it Organized.  I now know the person to call when I get overwhelmed.  Thanks Michelle!"

-Jennifer, Encino

"Michelle is amazing!  She helped me organize 2 home offices on a major deadline.  Michelle transcends organizing and goes into deeper realms...she has a great understanding of what needs to be done to stay organized.  I would highly recommend working with her...she is a dream!"

-Star Hansen, TV Host and Lifestyle Organizer

"Organization has always been a weaker point of mine. I have difficulty letting go of things and was not so good at figuring out what to do with all of my belongings. I have to admit, I was nervous after contacting Michelle. But boy, am I grateful for her help! 

Michelle's approach is easy going and user friendly. She gave me the advice and tools I needed to realize how to keep up with being better organized. Her vibrant spirit and maternal instincts enable her to communicate her useful tips in a way that personalizes the experience. She stresses what is "do-able" for the client as opposed to an A-type method of "perfection".  Thanks to Michelle, I now have an easy, anxiety-free method of deciphering what goes, what stays, and what to do with what I have! I can't wait to further consult with her about future projects!"

-Keri, Culver City

"Let me start off by saying that Michelle's organizing wisdom has changed my life! Her coaching led me to freeing my apartment of all unnecessary clutter (both physical and energetic), and in the process of re-evaluating my décor, furnishings, and household objects, I revolutionized my entire "home" experience.

I recently moved to a new apartment in a new city, and decided to start fresh with my style, setup, and overall household aesthetic. I used Michelle's techniques of organizing when buying furniture, packing, unpacking, and setting up my new home. In the end, I can honestly say that each and every thing in my apartment is there because I want it to be there. It has purpose, inspiration, and positivity. There is clear intention behind the organization of my space and objects, thanks to Michelle's advice. Today, my apartment is not only my home, but my sanctuary. 

If you're moving, redecorating, spring cleaning, or just looking to make your home more of a "home," I cannot recommend Michelle's services enough. Thank you, Michelle!!!"

-Kim, Chicago

-Sophia Banks-Coloma, Celebrity Stylist

 "I wanted to work with Michelle because I was about to make big life changes... One that included moving and I wanted my new space to feel very calm and magical so that I would have a spacious and freeing space to come home to in the midst of all of these changes.  I knew immediately that Michelle was who I wanted support from on this journey.  She has a vivacious spirit that is contagious and magical*

Prior to working with Michelle my home was a mess and everything was simply functional.  Now, I have a gorgeous space that feels delicious and instead of feeling drained I feel inspiration flowing and as if magic surrounds me daily. 

Her best quality as a coach is that she leads from her intuition and she is fully invested in how she shows up for her clients.  I felt fully seen by Michelle and loved how she could articulate desires and needs of mine that I hadn't quite been able to capture on my own.  She is truly a magical women that provides nothing less than a powerful and transformative experience***

I live in Virginia Beach, VA and sometimes I question the power of virtual work but I had no worries here with Michelle :)"

-Ava, Virginia Beach

"Quick, great space saving ideas, an absolute life savor. I've have already recommended Michelle to others and she hasn't even finished with my house!"
-Corbett, Silverlake 

"Michelle is a dream come true!!! I needed help getting my space organized and I wanted it to look pretty but also functional. Michelle did that and beyond. I've tried to get organized on my own before but I never could stick to it! Michelle put in a system of organization which is easy to maintain and keeps my space happy!! Some Like It Organized has actually made me more efficient in my business and that is worth more than anything!! Thank you Michelle!!!"

-Katie, Silverlake

"I cannot thank Michelle enough for what she has done for my workspace.  I was feeling so overwhelmed and oppressed by the mess at my desk.  I can't imagine how much time I was spending each day just looking for things, and it seemed like more and more was piling on.  

When Michelle came, we started off with a consultation and I told her what I do, what exactly everything at my desk was, and what I really wanted out of the experience.  After the consult, Michelle worked with patience and purpose, and we went through every single thing at my desk.  We rearranged, purged, and organized until everything fell into place and made sense again.

Now, my desk is no longer a source of anxiety for me.  I've been working with this space for the past month and it really works for me.  Everything has a place, and I make sure that I spend just a little time at the end of each day to return items to where they belong.  I'm still working on some of my "homework" items, but as I tackle and accomplish each one, my desk becomes just a little more perfect.

I get compliments all the time on my "new" workspace, and now everyone at the office wants their own "Some Like It Organized" session!"

-Lauren, Inland Empire

"Michelle was efficient, on time and productive. She knocked on my door and we went straight to work! I loved the fact that she took the initiative and started cleaning out / organizing the garage, instead of me telling"
Darlene, Silverlake

"I don't think that 5 stars is enough! Michelle is kind, knowledgable, professional and fun to work with. She organized my car and my apartment. And I also used her services when I was moving across the country. I didn't know what to do before the movers got there. Michelle came in a couple of days before and worked her magic! When the movers arrived, all they had to do was load boxes on the truck. And when the boxes arrive at my new place, I intend to have Michelle organize my place via Skype! If I had the funds, I'd fly her out...she's that good. 
Michelle has a gift for this line of work. I will use her services again!"

-Martha, Boston


"Michelle has the organizational equivalent to the “Midas” touch.  She’s given me creative solutions for storage, organization and Feng shui for years that have helped transform my space and life.  The perfect combination of creativity and practicality: Michelle has jumped into many tasks far too overwhelming for me alone, big and small, with purpose and enthusiasm.  Michelle is ALWAYS “on”: always thinking, moving and eager to jump in and get things done.  My apartment might not be actual gold now, but the peace of mind that comes with organization is the best thing. I highly recommend Michelle as an organizer!"
-Brittany, Los Angeles


"Prompt, thoughtful, organized. Just what you want in an Organizer."
Bruce, Malibu 

"I have longed to be organized my entire life. It became even more important to me after I retired from teaching…but I simply could not get a handle on it. I came to the conclusion that I desperately needed help. Michelle came into my life and put me right on track. We spent a month going through each room in my home. We checked out all my “stuff” and with Michelle’s guidelines and expertise, figured out how to keep my true treasures. I was also able to dispose of the items that did not enrich my life…"stuff" that even created clutter and stress. We didn’t just toss things out. Michelle helped me figure out a way to find homes for the things that could be repurposed and bring pleasures to others. It was a painless and fun process with each of the rooms being transformed into well-organized and efficient spaces. It is truly amazing how Michelle has changed my daily living. I would highly recommend Michelle to assist in any of your organizational needs. She is a natural…respectful, non judgmental, a pleasure to be around and extremely talented. My new plan is to schedule a session with Michelle each season to make sure that I continue to maintain the new organization that I simply love."
-Fay, Manhattan Beach

"Wow!  What a great experience.  With Michelle’s expertise and guidance, she made my home organization work almost effortless…even fun. The time just flew by.   If I had known it was going to be so easy, I would have stopped procrastinating and done it years ago.   Michelle gently supported me in letting go of items from the past (I’m 64) that I once thought I couldn’t live without.  With every “I can let this go,” I became more empowered and able to see the logic behind the wise adage of “less is best.”  Michelle even took all of the many items earmarked for donation for distribution on her own time.  When we were done, I couldn’t believe the amount of new space I had, even after everything was put away.   It was actually liberating!   Michelle can help make your life so much easier.  What a gift that is!"
-Diann, Culver City
"Michelle is AMAZING!!!!!! I would hire her any day of the week. She was ruthlessly organized and went above and beyond. She's also very honest, too! Love her!"
-Julia, Los Angeles

 "I want to let you know how amazing Michelle was at reorganizing my kitchen and making it useful and current…..letting go of objects and things I no longer needed and don’t know why I had!!  She was able to make me realize that if I hadn’t used it, it probably was not something I needed.  We made piles of give away, save for grandchildren's start up houses, and not good for anyone! She was able to repurpose things that might bring happiness to others and in so doing really made my kitchen a place to find things easily and opened new spaces for other kitchen objects.  She was always respectful of my angst for hanging on to things and truly made reorganization a fun and pleasant experience.  She is full of energy and truly had great ideas for my personal living and made my kitchen one place that is totally a pleasure to be in now."
-Gigi, Hermosa Beach
"Michelle is my go-to for all things organizing or Feng Shui. Beyond her impeccable talent and skills, she's also very sweet, supportive and positive. I respect her opinion and love her energy. She's super creative, compassionate, and an excellent listener- she's the whole package. It's not always easy welcoming a stranger into your home- but she makes it feel natural and effortless. I've developed a relationship with her and I trust her in my home whether or not I'm there. 
She's helped Feng Shui my last 3 living spaces and next she wants to do my car! I am so grateful to have her a part of my life - because some like it organized - (me!)"
-Ashley, Glendale

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