• Interview: Tres Jolie Intimates

    Intimately Organized:

    How to Properly Store & Care For Lingerie

    Ladies! Are you ready to corral that messy underwear drawer? Have your bras gotten mis-shaped and no longer fit? Are you clueless on how to store your lingerie? In this interview, Rose from Tres Jolie in Pasadena, CA will share her expert tips from many years in the business on how to properly care for your delicate duds. 

    You will learn:
    -The most common mistake women make when buying lingerie.
    -The correct way to store lingerie, especially the padded, larger pieces that often get mishandled.
    -The Secret to making lingerie last.
    -The signs of when it's time to replace your bra.


    Tres Jolie in Pasadena specializes in fine lingerie and sleepwear with emphasis on quality, comfort, and one-on-one personalized service.

    Tres Jolie Intimates
    350 S Lake Ave - Suite 114
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    (626) 795-5734

    This is part of an interview series dedicated to showcasing how important organizing is in the real world. For the confused, lost, overwhelmed and curious, I offer insights and examples from real people in their daily life and/or business. I'm hoping to bring organizing to the forefront of our culture so that it's clear how important and fulfilling it is. Not only that, but the amazing people I have the pleasure of interviewing will share some top professional tips in their field. I can't wait for you to read, watch, listen and learn from these short installments. They will come in different forms, so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter & YouTube. Please share the knowledge with someone you might think would enjoy it. I'm so happy you are here, stay with me and let me know what you're thinking below!

  • How To Organize Your Photos

    Do you have an overwhelming and unorganized amount of paper photos, and are clueless on where to start? I’ll help you knock out this project step by step. This can be applied to keepsakes or memorabilia too. 

    1. Set the Scene.

    • Set up your environment so it’s conducive and helps you work swiftly. This is the kind of job that will get you side tracked easily, so stay focused and make sure you are comfortable. Ideas include lighting a candle, playing lively music, having snacks and picking a large surface to work on. Think about if you want to be alone, if you want help from family, friends (make it a party!) or even a Professional. 

    • Set up your photos, meaning bring ALL your loose photos together in one location that you can continually come back to. Create a system layout that you can easily work around and put the photos in their correct categories. I like to use small post its temporarily for sorting in plastic shoeboxes or any small boxes you already have. The reason I use temporary boxes is because you need to know the exact amount of photos in each category before you can identify the correct container size to use. Make sure you have somewhere you can quickly stash this setup if you need the space for daily use. 

    • Set up the categories. Think of the categories like you would when setting up a filing system. Only you can create them, because it will be your mind that will search for them. Categories can include: chronological, family member, location (vacations, holidays, events, etc), theme and more. For every photo you come across, ask yourself “what category would I naturally look for this photo in?” You can come up with several right off the bat, so create those and add more categories as you need to. 

    • Set the amount of time you will work today and in the future. The key to getting a big photo project done (among everything else) is consistency. Make a plan and stick to it. Get accountability from someone else. Put it on your calendar. If this is important to you, make time for it.

    "Photo Organizing can be a massive project, first figure out your main goal, then break the massive photo project into smaller projects.”
    Christie Gelsomino

    2. Sort. Now that you have everything set up, it’s time to sort, and sort fiercely. 

    • Start where it’s easiest. Perhaps you already have a category formed somehow or vacation photos already together. Perfect. Once you start, you’ll get in the flow and once you make headway, motivation will take effect.

    • There’s no need for YOU to keep doubles, blurries, off-focus or unflattering photos, 20 technically different photos of basically the same thing or any photos that have a negative association to. You are building an organized colony of happy memories, so let that be your motto!

    • What to do with all those extra photos you made a decision not to keep? My first suggestion is let it go to the recycle bin…if no one knows about it now, they probably won’t need it. Ask your family or friends if they want the photo and send to them if so (make a pile for these as your sorting and take care of it later). Take a photo with your phone or camera to keep digitally OR send that photo digitally (think #tbt on Facebook). REALLY don’t want a certain photo or group of photos? Consider having a ritual like burning them in a trash can to signify the powerful release of those emotions. 


    3. Store. Congratulate yourself on accomplishing the hardest part of it all, #2. Here’s a reward for that: go shopping! 

    • Now you know how many photos are in each category and how many photos overall you need to store. Note the different sizes in each category: are there 4x6’s, 8x10’s and 5x7’s all in the Hawaii Vacation category? Your containers will need to be able to hold all sizes.

    • The best storage containers are archival-quality boxes, binders, accordion files or heavy duty envelopes. Ideally you want products that are acid free, lignin-free and PVC-free. If you’re contemplating violent acts after just reading that, forget what I just said! Your sanity is more important, and you can always have someone take on this aspect for you later, if truly desired. If you just need something quick and inexpensive, store them in plastic bins or pretty cardboard boxes. The Container Store is my favorite place for such items. Don’t forget to label.

    • Finally, the eco option is to transfer these photos to digital version. There are services out there that you can send all your photos to and they will be scanned properly and made into albums as you have organized. Here are some of my favorites:
    -DVD Your Memories
    -Scan Digital
    -Scan Cafe

    "It is important to store your paper photos in archival safe boxes, and to be sure they are in a cool and dry location.  Take them out of your attics and basements, and find a closet space inside your home."
    Cari Dawson - Certified Personal Photo Organizer

    BONUS! Here is a fancy video my colleagues put together about photo organizing and I couldn’t help but share. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO for additional resources and pro tips!

    Now, I want to know what YOU think! Has this helped you comprehend the process better? Are there any questions you still have? Comment below and don't be shy :)

  • Mindful Organizing: Streamline Your Life to Feel More Fulfilled & Empowered

    Happy New Year! 

    What an adventure 2013 was for me. Full of lessons, setbacks, procrastinations, milestones, new journeys, growing pains and a lotta heart! It's truly an honor working with so many people that are desiring to raise their consciousness and create more abundant flow in their life. Still, negative thoughts and patterns do creep in for all of us, no matter how successful, organized, determined, motivated or happy we are. We think we need more time to get everything done, when in fact we don't. We just need to flip the priority switch so that every minute of our life is deliciously potent and meaningful. We are craving true alignment with our core values and sometimes we lose sight of all that. Let's not look at it as a constant battle, but rather an opportunity to re-evaluate. I want to share 4 steps to help you streamline your life which will make you feel more fulfilled and empowered. It's a guide to keep you focused on what's really important. These steps are crucial to begin with and will create much needed space within you, your home, your relationships and your activities so that organization (of time, thoughts or physical items) will be a piece of cake.  

    1. Start with Self Support

    Become more aware of your needs because YES, they are important. Often, we put other people first, take on to much, procrastinate, do things we don't enjoy...then we wonder why our lives aren't what we expected. Let's remember that we actively created our life by making the choices we did. When we numb out pain or emotions, it's only creating resentment, fear or anger within us, prolonging the pain, frustration, apathy or judgement. Sometimes we don't numb out those things, but put them off, ignore or deny them altogether. When you neglect yourself, you will feel unsafe and unsupported, period. When you feel unsafe, you make irrational decisions that don't align with your core values. That doesn't sound like a conducive environment for growth and fulfillment, does it?

    I recommend you make a list of your core values. What do you need to fill up your tank? I bet you can come up with some obvious zingers, but don't forget about the subtle ones that you might think you don't deserve. Give yourself permission to have those things. You deserve everything you want, and you're not a bad person for desiring them. Whatever creates more space, makes you feel more nourished, enhances your quality of life- are all positive needs to fight for. That's real support. Plus, you'll be setting a damn good example.

    2. Release What No Longer Serves You

    Now that you know what you need, it's time to release those patterns, beliefs or routines that are not serving you anymore. What's not worth having, doing or thinking about? What's in your life, thoughts or space that really shouldn't be there anymore? Excess clothes, shameful opinions, unhealthy habits? This could also be something you are NOT doing that you should. Have the courage to let go OR do it. It's a whole different life when you release toxic matters, because you can't move forward when you are still stuck with what's holding you back. With the removal of those blocks, you create space both in your mind and physical areas. In this transition you'll discover more time and energy to put into things you love and need. It will enable you to create systems that flow and therefore kick up the efficiency in your life. Commit to this process of letting go and you'll soon see that rainbow on the other side.

    3. Prioritize Your Priorities

    Once you release things that no longer serve you, flip that priority switch so it doesn't happen again. Delicious potency comes from actively choosing and engaging in priorities that align with your values. If you're feeling scattered, unmotivated or lost, most likely there is a disconnect which comes from misplaced priorities. Is there something holding you back from choosing your true priorities? Society expectations often have a strong hold on us. My mentor Christine calls it an Expectation Hangover. I love that. Get to know what your true priorities are so you can take steps to making time for them. Notice the word STEPS...work backwards from your goal or end point to achieve what you want to do or how you want to feel. This might mean saying no, standing up, strategizing different options and risking hurting others. It's worth it. Boundaries are healthy and reap so many rewards. 

    4. Plan For Success

    So, you've got your massage scheduled, a letter of resignation to your dead-end job in the mail and a family vacation in the works...now what? Keep up the momentum by consistently contributing to your priorities, integrity and life. Set reminders, make flyers, read, search the web, get insight from loved ones, get what you need, give what you want to receive. Schedule time for activities that enrich and enhance your life. Set up your calendar to keep you accountable to the flow you want in your life, so it keeps you focused on your priorities. Make sure you SEE the reminders, too. 'Out of sight, out of mind' is your worst enemy. Make that effort to do whatever it takes to keep your eye on the prize. You want your garage organized? Enlist help from your family, make a game out of it, purge, hire an organizer, find tips and tricks to DIY. Any step toward your priorities is perfect. Know where you want to go and take action steps to get there. Map it out.

    Our space is just a manifestation of what's going on inside of us. When WE are a mess, so is our space. Clean it up, let go, make time, give yourself a break. It all starts with you. Go on with your bad self!

    I believe in you.